Welcome to the Charis Center 
The single comprehensive arts enrichment center located in Lanham, MD. We offer daily classes in ART, DANCE, DRAMA, and MUSIC for school age children (grades K-12). Our classes meet once a week for 1-hour sessions, and are taught by highly qualified instructors.

Now Offering full day K-12 curricula as a partner with the Global Village School. We provide individualized learning plans based on the whole child,  grounded in a philosophy of peace and diversity, and integrating the arts in to every class. 


The Charis Center is pleased to announce the expansion of their visual and performing arts programs to include full curricula for grades K-12 beginning this fall. As partners with the World Village School, an accredited online school, the Charis Center will offer full day academic classes that are grounded in the values of peace, diversity, environment and multiculturalism using the Whole Child-Healthy Planet curricula developed by GVS. In addition, the entire curricula will integrate the visual and performing arts as key components of every core course. “As GVS partners the Charis Center can now offer families full academic programming that is affordable” stated Emma Hadley, founder and Director of the Charis Center.

“This alternative approach to education creates an individual learning plan for every student,” stated Hadley. The Charis Center plan provides a hybrid approach to teaching and learning, meaning some classes will be computer mediated and others will be face-to-face with a small group of students and a teacher. “Another key difference in our curricula is the integration of the arts into every class,” said Hadley. “For example, students learning about the solar system may use dance to demonstrate forward motion and rotation of the planets.”

The Charis Center opened their doors in 2010 and has been offering high quality classes in art, dance, drama, and music as well as staged productions. After losing their space in Old Town Bowie, Dr. Hadley decided to suspend the summer program and restructure the overall Mission to include the full academic focus. “We are not giving up the arts as our primary goal, rather expanding the arts into every aspect of learning.” 


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